Fuel cell CHP system inhouse 5000+

Invest in your own electricity supply now and benefit from stable and low electricity prices.


Fuel cell CHP system for use in building energy supply for commercial businesses and apartment buildings. Let us advise you!

Developed and manufactured by:
inhouse engineering GmbH

Technical specifications

Technology: LT-PEM
Fuel: Natural, bio natural, LPG, hydrogen
Rated power electric: 4.2 kW
Rated power thermal: 7.5 kW
Overall efficiency: 85 - 92%
Heating circuit (r/l): 30 - 45 / 70 °C
(W x L x H in mm):
740 x 1550 x 1159
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DiLiCo engineering is the exclusive distribution partner for Sachsen-Anahlt for the fuel cell CHP inhouse5000+. Due to its electrical and thermal performance, the system is designed for use in apartment buildings and buildings with high heat requirements. The system is intended to provide a basic load supply for the building. Existing condensing boilers or boilers can be used together with the inhouse5000 + system to cover peak loads in the heat supply. The building only needs a natural gas connection. Currently, fuel cell combined heat and power plants are funded by the Federal Government. Take your chance, DiLiCo engineering can help you with any questions about fuel cell in building energy supply.


  • Fuel cell CHP system inhouse5000+
  • Installation and training
  • Commissioning and operating instructions


  • Trade and craft businesses, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools
  • Apartment buildings
  • Institutes and demonstration projects

Under what conditions can the fuel cell CHP system inhouse 5000+ be operated economically?

  • Your annual electricity requirements is over 25,000 kWh.
  • Your annual heat requirements is over 100,000 kWh.
  • You need heat all year round. (Charging the heat storage in the summer)
  • The electricity generated by the CHP fuel cell system is consumed by yourself and is not fed into the public grid.

With the inhouse5000+ system you are well prepared for rising CO2 prices!

Be prepared for rising CO2 prices. By using the inhouse5000+ system you save up to 9 tons of CO2 annually. This also increases the savings achieved by the CHP system compared to other technologies. Benefit from the fuel cell system through rising CO2 prices in the future. Every increase in the CO2 price means an increase in your savings.

Real example of the economical use of the inhouse5000 + fuel cell CHP system

Building and consumption data

Building type: Residential and commercial building
Electricity requirements: 53,406 kWh/Year
Heat requirements: 114,022 kWh/Year
Heat storage (already exists): 1,290 liter
Natural gas boiler (already exists): 78 kW

With inhouse5000+

Coverage share of the inhouse5000+ of the electricity requirement: 56.8 %
Coverage share of the inhouse5000+ of the heat requirements: 44.4 %
Average savings per year: 5,522 EUR
Payback period: 7.5 Years
Electricity price for own consumption: 12 Cent/kWh
CO2 avoidance: 8.5 t/Year